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Andrew Wade VA Program

Student Workshop Series: Tools, Techniques and Theory

Explore visual analytics concepts though lectures, discussions, group mini-projects and extensive hands-on use of tools. Students will be assessed on an assignment and a final exam. *Getting >75% on both the assignment and exam is a pre-requisite for the capstone project.

Student Capstone Project: Applications of Visual Analytics

Students who successfully complete the workshop series can work on a project where the basics learned in the workshops can be applied. Students will be assessed on a portfolio + 750-1500-word write-up AND an oral presentation at the end of the term. The students' performance will be assessed by a review panel. The portfolio can be used to showcase your skills along with your CV.

Certificate of Recognition

Once the portfolio + write-up and presentation have been approved by the review panel, you earn a certificate of recognition as a Junior Visual Analyst. Junior Visual Analysts will be 1) recommended by VIVA when companies approach us for analysts to hire, and 2) recommended for nominations for the Andrew Wade Memorial Scholarship (SFU) and the Andrew Wade Memorial Award (UBC).

What our students and project supervisors say

Andrew Wade

Andrew Wade was a UBC/SFU student who was pivotal to the early success of the VA Challenge Program and for shaping it into what it has become today (the Andrew Wade VA Program). Not only did Andrew make major impacts at Boeing during a short internship there, including design changes to the actual aircraft plus changes to all flight manuals, but he also pioneered the very successful paired-analysis approach. Andrew became the first graduate from the Master's Degree program in Visual Analytics in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Sadly, Andrew's degree was bestowed posthumously - he passed away in the Fall of 2011 while on another visual analytics internship in India. He had a great love for travel and a "live in the moment" attitude that gained him many friends both inside and outside of his professional career. He will always be fondly remembered.